Scopely, shame on you!

These missions “USE AR OF X TOON” is RIDICULOUS. No Jianfeng on Clarendon, thanks for this


Why didn’t you pull for her ,lol
It will only cost you 300$


Hopefully someone in your faction has them and you can use as ally

0 ppl in my server have her

Why didn’t I think of this before


Is it a new region?

Goddamn it, Scopes, why don’t you reuse character roadmaps where we could use the adrenaline rush of every character that counts? Otherwise, whales, some of which do not have Elena, Jiafeng or Ryker, will have to grind for 10 beams for the roadmap to get some stupid toon that should’ve been released in 2018.

@GR.Scopely I demand answers.

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I’m in a wave 1 region. Not one person has Elena, and no one in my faction has seen her in drafts! Rubbish event. No war this weekend, and it’s not on the calender for next weekend. The whole game is starting to Suck more.


I got Elena but Still not fair they force us to have these toons in our factions

Only just starting to suck more?
Been that way for a while.

It’s as stupid as having to ascend 5 toons in a week in our weekly missions. :-1:


Fyi there will probably be maps for each toon dont panick yet

You’re not going to be able to complete the stash without spending anyhow so the fact that you can’t complete a mission is basically irrelevant.

There might possibly be. It’s sheer optimism though. It’s definitely not probable.


You can get some of them from arenas.

And also: my prediction that the event would have a milestone none of us could get is looking like it will come true.


Already finished this milestone. I pulled Elena on a SC pull and a faction mate jiafheng. But others can indeed be used during arena’s draft

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