Scopely, seriously a month of not being able to raid, war or do roadmaps

It’s been well over a month now that my wife can only level up, she can’t do anything else and has been given the run around by support asking for the same info time and time again. This not only effects her, but the faction too as she is always one of our big hitters. @JB.Scopely please help.

Hi @Bobbotokes

Apologies for the late pickup, I’m happy to gather further details on your case and investigate.

I will need a way to identify the account, if you can please let me know the player name, faction and region names.

It’s time to serve those papers buddy. Get out of there while you still can.


Yeah, a month has passed and I am still sitting on my problem which I also have documented in the other thread @JB.Scopely .
My account is setting on dust, since I can’t participate in any event in the game.
At this point I somehow doubt that anything is happening in our favor…besides finally deciding to walk away from the game…

Looks like someone got the new update early

Be careful how much you complain about not being able to use your account. Scopley might just ban your account to get you to shut up.

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