SCOPELY Scopely Scopely smh


Scopely fix rng because I got 3 canteens 0 GPS so I better see a GPS in my inbox too…then let’s go to the next problem old ascendance characters needneeds to happen more rapidly so for the new year we should get an old character to ascend not a new character.There’s my complaints.


That sucks. I don’t have the rest of the gear to tier my 6s so I pulled twice for canteen and GPS…pulled 1 of each.

Please don’t hold your breath, their will be nothing in your inbox.


Dying I know I only can hope


All canteen pulls…make 6 total canteens and ZERO GPS for me…lame ass luck man…


I managed to T4 my Ezek from this event. Was going for Carl but didn’t get enough masks. Wonder how long we have to wait for the stupid roadmap?


You must be referring to me. Cause it seems in my 2nd try’s I got all gps err I mean “blessed” with all gps and watches when I need hand crank radios and canteens.

Thanks for the shout out!!!

Props to me on them posting my birthday to everyone. But lucky for me I didn’t give out my legit personal information to them.

Heh heh I’m so smart!!!


Happy birthday @BonerFarts


Scopely expects some to get equipment for Tier 4 so get away from the traps issue


I believe the RNG is already fixed for high value gear in pairs. Everyone I know have an imbalance for Canteen&GPS, Radio&Watch, Bag&Walkie, etc.

I believe this is intentional, whatever item you have more of most likely have a higher probability for pulls again. Being a high value item a player can not really complain, yet by keeping the imbalance players are encouraged to gamble again and again in order to catch up with the other item.

Deviously smart I say.


I went 3/0 on canteens too…cannot be RNG…



Got 1 canteen, 1 gps


As a programmer by profession I can say it would not be hard at all.


Yup, easy. Just have 3 variations of chances, and assign the variations to accounts created in certain timeframes. Its was scopely does, older accounts get shite, newer get everything


Looks like Scopely is back from vacation lmao


Something as simple as this pseudo-code would work:

  1. set all gear odds weights to 1.0
  2. if number of bags is between 1 and 5 more than walkies, then double the odds weight for bag
  3. if number of walkies is between 1 and 5 more than bags, then double the odds weight for walkie
  4. calculate pull based on odds weights.

This simple code would maintain a small imbalance, small enough to encourage player to try again to get a balance, and small enough to not get out of hand.

This is not rocket science.

edit: Simplified the example from pseudo code to more step by step recipe example.


Boy, you done fucked up when you challenged @PeyloW’s professional cred…


the collections didn’t do me to wrong for once


all rng, and really balanced… that why i got almost 50/50 those… in scopely math… 4-0… canteens won! soon someone says got 4 gbs zero canteens… and scopely can close case… it was 50/50


“FIX RNG” he says LMAO