Scopely‘s empty words

Good morning everyone,
yesterday I heard about a story, I want to share with you guys. A faction mate pulled like 5 bigpacks for new Pete and received roundabout 4400 keys. 5 bigpacks, a lot of money for being able to get the normal version of Pete. Because of that, he wrote a support ticket and complained about the terrible odds. So, what happened? The one and only JB processed his request and gave 6600 free keys to my faction mate. If you want, you can try the same, but you‘ll only get a standardized answer. To proof it, I enclosed a very pretty screenshot of support‘s answer. Enjoy while reading it and notice that there‘s a big gap in the treatment of players, even between whales.

At the end I have a few words for Scopely: Promising improvements for the players, your customers, you only propagate empty words while kidding your whole community. Shame on you. Your exposure to the players is


Wow and.they cant even give back.the stolen.crosbonnes this a shit company full favoritisme


Glad to see something positive happening in support. Luckily JB stepped up and did what Scopely wouldn’t have done.


And now some of the dedicated players will say its photoshopped :joy::man_facepalming:


Yep, his action is great. But every player should be treated the same way. Just try it, any other supporter wont give you anything.


I don’t feel comfortable going for 5 40 pulls so that’s a no from me :joy:


Hey jb can you give me a s class pete becuase i lost my crossbonnes thanks


I pulled on friday, a lot of bigpacks, even more than 5. i noticed, that his complainment was a success and tried the same. I didn‘t receive anything ^^

I think you missed the fact that his account had been reviewed so perhaps there are other factors that you are unaware of that came into play for this decision.

I’ve been playing a long time and haven’t seen scopes do anything out of the goodness of their heart


This is actually horse shit. I know many players who spent more than that. There better be more to this story.


Other factors like total contribution towards [insert here]…

You have been around long enough to know there’s more to it, who trusts a screenshot taken out of context without the rest of the story. They simply don’t give things away for free, hence the #playersunited

Yea, I’m sure there’s more to it. That screen shot doesn’t look good for them though lol

but since when does jb use in game support to assist


Full damage control mode

#playersunited shouldn’t mean bandaids to buy off players… It should be about fixing the problems

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Maybe instead of handing out freebies to select whales, how about you guys just increase odds on wheels and create better f2p opportunities to make everyone happier?


Funny, I complained about the same thing and basically was told tough cookies. THIS is an issue.


And when i sent them my ticket that i paid them money for green tokens they just told me to ask Apple support for money refund.

Good point maybe it’s fake

Its real. I have another similar screenshot from an ex faction mate. And I’ve seen plenty more. But hey, everything is ‘rng’, right? :joy: