Scopely RNG or thirst for money

Hello everybody,
I think we all feel so bad after we pull something or participate in event and didn’t get anything back. We mail to Scopely and received reply from them that’s because of “change” nothing “guaranteed”,”base on change”, “keep the game balancing” bla bla but is that true ? Or they set everything in purpose?
Today I just brought 10$ offer and got 50 ice cream :slight_smile:

I know that i’m a fool to believe and buy offer I just want to show you guy how foolish I am.
Keep $urving

I don’t see that offer. Not as if I’d buy it anyway but yeah, don’t see it.

2 of my faction mates did the Alpha one and they both pulled her

Some of you guys be #playersunited but be fueling Scopley by paying for these shitty offers


Players: We demand change!

Scopely: here is 9.99 offer for toons most do not have.

Players: look what I got when I spent!!! Yah!!!

Scopely: thanks! Here’s new S-class character to make your purchase not worth it.

Players: we demand change!!!

No wonder shit doesn’t change.


I rarely spend;( I play this game for a year and still prestige 9, all rng of this game is shiet and was set up on purpose :slight_smile: war wheel is full of Kal, Ryker and now Vincent and Jeramiah :rofl: and Scopely said it’s good for the game

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