Scopely report card

How would you rate Scopely…

This is overall rating on how you feel the company is doing with twd rts.

Please keep in mind, this is over all experience. This includes customer service, game updates, events, communication etc… 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 7
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lol, not exactly the way i wanted it to show… but i guess average works well. sorry noob on the poll!


1 (7 Buckets)

“but forum people don’t count… as they’re all angry.
Things are fine”

forum folks are most informed about the scopely news tho.

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Gave them a 2… and that’s only because GR actually interacted today or would have been a 1 lol

bump… les try to get 100 votes~

Need to add zero as an option… that would be my score.

Cos fundamentally at every step they are sticking with fingers up at customers… for a company no to apologise for it errors that they make continously is disgusting and then to try and fob customers off with, it’s been taken to the team… the team is a code for taken to the trash outside.

Cannot give anything but a zero for a company I have no trust in and it’s a shame that the only reason I now play this game is because of the wonderful people in the faction I am in. How said is that for a company to hear that from a customer


Second that.

Currently writing termly reports for all my classes, I cannot think of a single student who would receive as low a grade for both effort and attitude as I would give to Scopely.


But they would get an A for deception, lying, crappy content, graping players money and overall dishonesty.


And an A+ on their dissertation of how to humiliate customers but still make money out of them… lol they have even given us words to play with now like we r 3 year olds or something.

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Lol if I used those terms in my reports, I would be facing a disciplinary very quickly…

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very sorry score indeed

Forums people are also salty and toxic af.

A ■■■■■■■ F minus

they are the monsters that scopley has created through constantly lieing, bait and switch and bs tactics

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I would’ve gave 8/10 if they only communicate more often. But sorry scopley you are n° in disconnect with your players .
So I think 4 is fair enough for me.

i gave them 4 as well… we reached our 100 votes…

thanks guys, it’s sad to see a company rate less than 3…

Scopely really needs put lot more effort on customer service… IMO better resolution and communication alone would have bumped their average over 7.

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Was looking fir a big fat Zero darn