Scopely removing Tapjoy offer wall for some players?

I’ve done a little research, spoken to Tapjoy and have talked to a few other players who have experienced this issue around the same time as me. After the game’s most recent update, the Tapjoy offer wall disappeared for some players on Android. However, it appears many players have not been affected.

If I start the game on a new account in a new region, I have multiple offers available. As soon as I link to facebook to get on my main account, the offer wall disappears. My most recent reply from Tapjoy sounds like it is Scopely’s decision to do this. Can you enlighten us? @Taytron @GR.Scopely

Tapjoy’s twitter response was similar and it doesn’t seem like my account is Tapjoy b@nned.

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This ^^ ever since most recent update

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