Scopely really needs to take a page from other mobile games

Marvel Strike Force gives tons of ingame items for slight inconveniences.
No Man’s Land usually has events going on that are fun.
Summoners War has tons of things to do, and go for F2P.
I’m sure there’s dozens of other games I’m unaware of.
smh scopely, how can you fluff up a popular franchise so badly?


Did they though? I’ve been playing this game everyday for 4 years, no other game has had that much longevity, console, pc, or mobile. I’ve played MSF and uninstalled after 6 months maybe. WD: No Man’s Land I uninstalled after maybe 2 months, WD: Our World was uninstalled after maybe 3 months, and the other WD game may 4 months.

I’ve spent about $300 on this game, I’ve never spent even $1 in any other mobile game nor any console or pc (other than the initial cost).

So if you go by numbers, RTS has taken the most time and money from me by far and I’m sure tons of people agree too.

Star trek timelines, the game scopely doesn’t run btw, sends out compensation on things that aren’t even noticed. And not just an energy can, but valuable items. I love that game and its transparency and dedication to their players.

US$ 32 million dollars for Scopely in 2018, they don’t care

I didn’t think of it that way.
That’s a very solid point.
If it was possible to give gold on this forum like Reddit, I’d give you it.