Scopely: Quit favoring US players

… and start juggling event start times so the rest of the world can play at decent hours too.


I think someone already stated it’s the range where the most money is spent

Totally agree start war 10 hours earlier and end it 10 hours earlier so European players get 2 days and 1 night. Switch this around every 2 wars (1 region and 1 crw) then US time like this war is.


Could have been different if others had equal chances.
Besides, the 30day crate could be upgraded from when 6* came in.

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It’s an American company and they conduct normal business hours. Most of there employees are off at the time Europeans are asking for. Could have sworn I read somewhere that someone needs to manually start each event. They’re not gonna do that after the close of business.

If I’m wrong it’s still not gonna change just like the other 400 things we would all like to see improvements on.

Keep on Surviving!


I am not bothered about start and end times as long as the event is in multiples of 24 hours then everyone has the same opportunity.

It’s the ones that are 18 hours or 1 day 12 hours that are unfair to us Europeans


That’s a CRON job, dammit

well i mean they have regions that aren’t english speaking so i do kinda agree but it might be hard to pull off. I’m an American however so

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