Scopely please stop spamming

I do not want to spend a fortune on a game, thus I decided to NOT join the suckers club, ehumm survivors club I mean…
It’s a deliberate decision, and spamming me with, what you call ‘Free’ that I am forced to pay previously mentioned fortune to claim, thus rendering said ‘Free’ offer not free at all. If you need to pay for something, it’s not free.
I get several of these popping up EVERY DAY. I even got one mid war between fights. It interrupts the flow, it vexes me and the result is a wish to not play at all.

So, I do NOT want to join the SC
I do NOT want to spend a fortune to collect expensive shit you decided to lable as ‘Free’
Stop it NOW.


Got it again tabbing back to the game

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Don’t you see ?!? The only way to make it stop is just buying…after that you just have the other outdated pop pops…that simple.

Then you will have to buy every single offer they pop up, your day may end up spending 300 bucks on nothing but garbage

You so smart…I knew it!!!

300 Bucks?! That would be enougth for an hour or two at Max :joy:.

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