U put a mission like that when a level up tournament is running. Then who already made more than 1.750.000 can’t hit 1 of 2 now. You are punishing who score faster. Why???

This is a seven day event

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Yes, and I’ll need do 1,750 in all events now because this one didnt count

You cannot finish the main missions without buying their pixel stuff anyway, so why you’re getting frustrated about this? There are three level up tournaments before it resets next Monday.

Same feel when they do a mission where you gotta blow gold right after I spent all mine on the weapon cache

I agree! Theres still over a day left in this level up and I was over 1.75 million when the missions started. Sucks that it dont count

I think it is obvious for anybody who play actively the game that there is most of the time this type of LU mission in event tab and the previous mission require we make level up mission,

Better wait next time these mission refresh before hitting higher milestone



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