Scopely, please start skimming the Wiki before writing your roadmaps (comic spoilers)


So, Holly’s roadmap has her, Heath and Bruce taking down some Saviors after Abe’s death in issue 98. Bit of a problem though;
Straight from Bruce’s Wiki page

First Appearance

Issue 69

Last Appearance

Issue 80

Death Issue

Issue 80

Cause of Death

Bitten on the neck by a zombie (Alive, Caused)
Head bashed in by Abraham (Out of Mercy)



Series Lifespan

#69 to #80

Bruce is bitten on the neck by a walker. Later, he is put down by Abraham before reanimation.

Bruce is dead not only before Abraham, but by Abraham.

It’s kinda weird, between this, Naya bumping into Abe and Heath making her apparently live and never leaving a parking garage for 16 months, and Abe showing up in the story maps after Negan’s been established, most of the recent comic goofs have been related to Abraham. Maybe just stop writing stuff related to him?


Ever watched the show vs the comics??

Sure this is based on it like the show is but neither is set up as a spitting imagine/replica of the comic universe.

Either that is the case or its supposed to be and its just another thing they fail at miserably.


Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?




Just a huge fan of the comics :wink:



Wasn’t a reply to you but funny pic


It’s been way too long since I’ve seen that meme.

They use to be so simple.


And having all those errors makes it not a faithful pull from the source material.

Everything they got out for walking dead is essentially inspiried by the walking dead universe but none of it is overly faithful.

Where you see A and B line up C and D go off into left field somewhere and bash a kitten to pieces.

Maybe its the most faithful of them i wouldnt know. Havent played or watched or read everything that there is so who knows


Lol they dont give a fuck. Never will. A gaming company might care. Unfortunately we are not dealing with a gaming company.


Wiki is missing the episode that goes…

Carl please to the museum.


Your brain is certain has infection with Carl museum disease of blue symptoms. I pray for it with 15k gold.


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