Scopely please set point minimums

Some of you may disagree but here’s the thing.

Years ago I made a post on people scoring just enough to get prizes. And I understand no-one cares about the bottom feeders. It makes sense they did score some points and try a little
Well now I’ve seen a number of guys putting up zeros in arena, survival road. Scoring a few points is one thing, not even trying is another. Come on ya’ll, discourage this practice of zeros for rewards. At least score 1 point. You have to participate in war to get rewards, how about doing this for other tournaments


Minimum effort get minimum rewards

Maximum effort get maximum rewards

Wtf are you talking about? If you don’t participate in Arenas you don’t get rewards same goes for survival road, you don’t participate in survival raid you don’t get rewards :man_facepalming:


Yeah I’m confused as well lol


What event can you not participate in and still get rewards?

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Territory events?

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Yeah good point but I don’t think that’s what OP is getting at. Onslaught would probably be another one. But level up, Sr, raid, war, all faction or solo if you score 0 you get nothing or did that change?


I think if you just enter the arena with free tickets you’ll get a little bit.

Lol. I know that’s what he wasn’t getting at. I’m sure it hasn’t changed. Idk. I don’t think I’ve ever scored zero. :thinking:

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What I mean is there are people in arena and survival getting zeros, and still getting rewards. War and raid you have to get a few points to even claim rewards( in raid tournaments I believe it’s still 30). At least put up something to earn rewards IMO.
I do have a photo of people in arenas with zero, unfortunately right now I can’t post it due to some internet issue

I don’t really care about what other people score


I think you must be confused, or maybe someone trolled you.
If you score 0 in SR you receive 0.

I think maybe you are talking about weekly faction league rewards, the tokens sent at the end if the stretch?
Or onslaught.
Because otherwise there are no events you can receive rewards for that you didn’t participate in.

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I thought he was talking about the tactic of scoring low to deliberately get into a lower league?

Just clicking Enter on Arena without doing a single battle will also count it towards the entry milestones as soon as the arena finishes. Seems like a very, very minor thing to get upset about.

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You have to participate in any event to get rewards you nutbag. Raid tournies its two raids minimum.

I agree that participation should be a thing before you can share in faction milestones, because we have a couple of freeloaders (and this was the fundamental problem with skullgate), but the zero score itself isn’t an issue. Sometimes it’s just not possible to win anything to actually score.

Most things seem to reward participation and that is probably the right result.

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