Scopely... please just listen to us

Just like most of the player base here in the community I enjoy playing your game. But a few weeks ago @Bane made a thread called #PlayersUnited and many people got on board. Then you guys made a thread addressing it and promised us that you would listen to us. Giving us our legacy ascendables and gonna try and make the gap between f2p and p2p smaller. But so far we have seen NONE of this so far. A good example is recently you guys said you would not buff any characters but when Jessie came into the tower early we saw her stats and rush… it was a decent rush. But you buffed her and put her into the wheels. Had you addressed this and told us what would be happening and listen maybe we wouldn’t have been so mad. We wanted Romanov and Leon to be buffed just a little but you stated that would be impossible. You have stated that you would listen to us. You stated you would make the game more enjoyable. Guys… please just tell us what is going to happen… ask us what we wanna see. Last years anniversary event was AMAZING. This years? Not so much. If you guys talk and listen maybe we can work together… We are not asking much as a community. I want to see this game succeed as much as my faction mates and my fellow players. It’s not much guys just listen and talk.


I hate to break the facts for you but their is no purpose for them to listen to us when we constantly give them our money with whatever they do. They can make us happy and they get money or they can do ptp event while making us mad but gain more money because of everyone addiction.

Ptp events and premiere toons give them more money no matter how mad yall get.

Happy events= less money so no purpose in doing that


No need. I’ve been playing for 3-4 years now. But it wouldn’t hurt to try my brother

I know, I wish they cared about us but once playerunited ended thats when they went back to their old ways. Playersunited worked for a little bit but the addiction to spend came back to top players.

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Honestly atleast one f2p event with a decent toon would be great

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PlayersUnited has not ended.


I wanna believe i really do but all i want is proof from a top faction

I already gave you proof :woman_facepalming:

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You gave proof that you’re united but i want proof by showing me the weekly missions for the whole faction

Who cares what you want? Join us, don’t join us, but stop spreading lies that playersunited is dead please.


Tell a top faction to show their weekly faction mission or everyone including me will think it’s dead. It’s not just me who thinks this and it’s not lies


Weekly faction mission is misrepresented because it can include the elite token pulls as I have noticed in my own faction.

That worked only the first week now only premiere pulls count

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Why they should do it now after over three years of milking the chit out of people? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No real company would change anything if their customers are this gullible and swallow each nonsense down since years. We have been telling this since over a year but we have been called to adapt or to stop crying by a certain group of players! Now exactly these players want to have real changes? This is quite ridiculous. They made enough money and realized they will no longer make these amounts as in the past, so why they should change?

I don’t think you understand what #PlayersUnited stands for, this ain’t about an entire faction it’s about everyone that can get on board with it. Many and I mean many top factions have majority of their members sticking to their guns and refusing to spend, I see it every day in my faction. I can’t speak for someone else’s faction, it ain’t my business to. It ain’t my business to tell people what to do with their money they earn but I can plead with them like I did my faction. Nearly all my faction is with the movement, others are honest and don’t want to participate and that’s fine because it’s not realistic to believe everyone will stop spending. Many are putting tireless work for this community to do their best and keep this movement alive so you and everyone else can benefit and have a better game. They ask nothing of you, but you spreading nothing but false information on PU being dead does nothing positive, it is only negative and you will get nothing from it. You don’t want to be apart of it I respect that and completely understand but stop spreading false information please.


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