Scopely please help


I have been sending emails for support for 5 days. Someone please either respond to those or message me here. Thanks!


Yes same here, my phone broke. Got a new phone waiting on response to get back into my account. 1st reply paste and copied scopley answer. They didn’t even look at the screenshots I sent. If you are not linked to Facebook it’s a nightmare. I play other games, they all came back with everything i had., no missing toons or progress when i logged into my Google account.


Are you sending the emails through here or direct to


Direct. Plus chat in game. Plus a PM to JB. I got a response to my first email that said it looked like someone else was going to help me and the canceled my ticket. Haven’t heard anything else back.


Support sucks on here and on the game as well as email. I sent an email to them directly over a month and 4 days ago with no responce.

I sent JB a message on here and got no responce.
The only ones responding are the OG players.