Scopely please help stop abuse


I won’t post the players name because I know this post will end up getting taken down. This player is in the Chattahoochee region, is constantly abusive to me, my faction mates, and others in the region too. I have screenshots where he brags he can say and do anything he wants in GC because Scopely won’t do anything. He has been reported multiple times by players in every faction including his own. There is no place in any game for it be acceptable to talk about raping my child, like he does everyone’s factions. This really needs to start being monitored and actions should be taken.


Agreed. Support is viewed as powerless and incompetent by toxic and dishonest players.

I’d love for them to be proven wrong.


It’s gotten to the point where alot of people won’t even talk in GC anymore over just this one person, and yes support has been questioned on this, no help there.


Get a thick skin, engage this perosn or ignore.


It’s not the point about having thick skin, when even his own faction mates say he is crossing a line something should be done. And even when he is ignored he still goes on day after day. Things should not have to be that way, in other games that player would be banned.


I know. But since they won’t do anything your options are limited


One of the many reasons I personally don’t look at or talk in GC.


It’s sad in a way, I’ve played in that region for over a year, this same player has always acted that way and got away with it. In my other region Chilton there’s not one person that would talk to another player like that. Hopefully things change soon with the report button actually doing something.


Hey Bobbotokes!

Please send me screenshots!


Thanks @kalishane, I’ll get right on it.


Why are you ignoring PM’s (with screenshots) regarding the racist, sexist and pedo comments of someone I reported in early January? And the follow up messages too…

He’s at it again this CRW and he will be for every other.

If more info is needed, I can probably help.