Scopely, Please...Hear Us


Hear all of us! 99.9% of the community loves the game overall, I still enjoy it but the issues that have caused many to quit, some are actual real life friends like @TheGovofPike, is forcing many others to re-evaluate the effort and money they invest. The community is so die hard and many so affluent that just putting a great product out there with great bang for your buck will generate all the profit you could dream of. It would also allow you to retain quality employees cutting down on turnover which in turn cuts down on the sluggish pace of content for your game.
I suggest you take a real hard look at where you came from and where we are now and then where you want to be in six months. Many of us would love to keep playing and some would come back but the ball is in your court, your next choices will be crucial to your survival, yes pun intended.


I’ve only stuck with it so long because of the promises that were made and how little would actually have to be done to make a great improvement. I truly hope things turn around and people stop leaving.


Hear this guy out, Scopes. Everybody knows this game is awesome, and most are going to agree with me and Bane that RTS has become a vice for it’s players.

But what you are doing is just making this awesome game decay faster than the walkers! If you were to listen to the one’s keeping you up (Yes, I’m going to smear it on your face that we who open our wallets are the real foundation of your company.), and do what is best for the both of the comunity and the company, things would becmoe way better than just utopic, just like old times…


I actually got on here to read comments on my post to no avil, my post not critizing Scopely was deleted for whatever reason. Over 50 community members liked it but it was deleted.

Why was it deleted?
Because its the easiest way to bury the truth.
They dont wanna listen, I had begged and pleaded with one person from this company to reach out to me. None did.

Shows I made the right decision.

Anyone spending now. Well…is foolish.
Disappointed in @kalishane for deleting my very honest post. That violated nothing. All it did was open community members eyes.

You guys STILL have yet to have the human decency to reach out to me.
Voice of reason you guys probably truly wanted me gone.


From another DELETED thread:

This was originally posted by Final Boss on the Scopely forums before it was deleted. Please share as much as possible, we cannot allow Scopely to keep treating us like this.
An attempt to divide the community, in an effort to weaken community cohesion. A serious must read
If you like this post, that’s fine, but please respond, likes don’t keep good posts visible. Thank you!
I wanted to specifically address a post from another thread and explain how posts like this work. I also wanted to explain the other tactics used to prevent meaningful change from occurring. We should all be familiar with these terms, but I think everyone would be amazed as to how many times they are used on this forum, once you keep an eye open for them. Thank you.
Kalishane: I just have to ask. 6s as rewards, who always benefits? The very top factions – what about all the others? Does that feel unbalanced? There surely has to be another way to help the meta grow. *
What is happening here is she is trying to avoid the argument of improving war rewards by dividing the higher players and lower players. She is basically saying the masses shouldn’t want better rewards because only the few benefit. This is designed to gain support from the lower players against the higher players. “We always get screwed, so they should get screwed too.”
This type of tactic holds no validity, because scopely has the option to improve rewards for ALL players, not just the top or the bottom. There should be no division in the community about wanting better rewards for everyone and it should be clear that while some players may only mention rewards for upper or lower factions, the reality is, we want better rewards across the board.
In dealing with just opposition, there are a general playbook of tools. Commonly referred to as the 10 D’s. This one is divide.
Deflect - Redirecting accountability to a different person, or group. This group usually is not available for debate. I’ll take it to the team, that letter was before my time, etc
Delay - Stalling on change or giving nonspecific time frames for change. Ascendable versions of 5* will be released early 2018.
Deny - When they say that a problem doesn’t existor that your solution won’t work. When we were told there was a display glitch preventing toons from being war rewards and the solution proposed was using museum tokens as rewards, we got the chirps of crickets.
Discount - When the scope of a problem is undersold. “Feedback suggests not as many players are upset about this as you would think, lots of people wanted the 6* stat buff”
Deceive - Self explanitory. “We received lots of feedback saying that this is what players wanted.” If this is true, why hasn’t the community, which is everywhere, not seen this feedback and instead has seen the opposite?
Divide - Attempt to split groups and have them work against each other to weaken their overall stance. The comment above is a perfect example.
Dulcify - Give small or meaningless concessions to appease people without giving anything of value.“Carl stays in the wheel” “we have a calendar” “here are some leaks you would’ve seen on VK in a few hours anyways”
Discredit - Calling your motives, morals, and methods into question to try to make your group and it’s demands seem unreasonable, unnecessary, or dishonest. Examples of this would be things like playing the victim, claiming to be bullied, or bringing up single bad apples. “Let’s be real, this forum is quick to hop on the negative bandwagon”
Destroy - Directly attempting to stop discussion of initiatives by censorship, threats, etc. We all know those two S words, we this is the part of the playbook which explains why they’re automatically blocked out and users get banned for mentioningthem.
Deal - Deal tactics may be used negatively as a ploy to lure your group away from its goal. This may be done by offering your organization concessions that turn out to be almost meaningless in exchange for “give-backs” on your part that bring you no closer to your ultimate goal. A certain letter full of promises which ended a community uproar would be a perfect example of a deal without dealing.