Scopely please give us clarity on hordes

Just tell us if it it’s an aborted from hell failed project, which I hope really so, so we can stop buying cans with our league points, also there should be a way of swapping this cans for useful cans


I have given up on Buying Horde can’s 20 is plenty I feel, I am not wasting anymore league tokens on them, - they asked about hordes in the last Survey I filled in - last night, so I guess that Hordes is still a thing ? Cans were also in the last stash (YAY).

It does worry me that they have put the Hordes walkers into Survival road, that move could indicate that Hordes as an event is done, but they are not letting the artwork (or programming) go to waste.

Ultimately I am with the OP - let us of the hook so we can move on. If hordes is done, the longer it is left unsaid, the louder the (justified) outcry for compensation for tokens will be.

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