Scopely, please give PC input on character design

I would like to say that I appreciate the ATTEMPT at these events. They can be really fun if designed correctly, but Typoon and Anniversary have fallen so short on that it’s actually comical.

  • big prize from anniversary is Sergio. Has a 20% chance his AR will do damage. F2P couldn’t earn him.
  • typhon event - big prize is some guy so useless, I’ve already forgotten his name. He won’t stop revive with 75% heal reduction. He won’t even stop walkers from moving by only giving camo to 2 toons.

It’s obvious to me that the big issue is for scopely is the people in charge of free/grindable characters for these events don’t actually play the game.

Why not run character ideas by the PC? Take their opinion on what kind of character can be useful in a lineup. I would much rather earn tokens for a wheel that was filled with Kals, but had a chance at a usable prize than know it’s guaranteed to suck.


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They play the game enough to know what an op promo vs. Ftp character power level is.

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