Scopely. Please decrease the craft times

Scopely. Please decrease the craft times. The fail rate doesn’t have to change. I don’t mind failing 9/10 times but waiting. 31 hours to fail. Is just unnessisary punishment. If u remove the craft times to SAY. Instant. Craft. People will burn through all there materials in a day. Then u can charge them to buy more. You make more money. We dont have to wait 31 hours on a craft. It’s a win/win. For everybody. Thanks =]


Instant craft times… really?

Oh and if you keep failing a craft, try using option parts…

Yes really. And who doesn’t use extra craft items to increase crit chance?


You, obviously, you mentioned “fail rate”, “failing 9/10 times” and “31 hours to fail”.

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Probably means failing to get the crit he wanted

Lol I wished earl only failed the wanted crit 9/10 times.


Maybe decrease the wait times by 12 hours :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Yeah I know. But I find it absurd that Somone could get a skill like “70 bleed damage for four turns” and not consider it a success…


I agree…either decrease the timing OR allow us to have more armories, should be able to have 4 armories running at once.


Yes I indeed ment. Failing to get the critical. Out come I wanted. 9/10 times. Which as I said. Is fine. But. No need to wait 31 hours to do it. That’s just cruel

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I’d agree that craft times should be lowered now. Doesn’t matter if people have 5 stuns 5 abs def or whatever. Armouries have been around long enough to have crafted full sets of things. If they lowered the times then there would be no need for extra armouries, but with all that empty space however, an extra one or 2 would go a long way. Just my 2 cents.

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This is 1 of them things why territories needs to be redo add lands that decrease time like how it is for builds and tg

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