Scopely? Please combine Payback with Human Shield

This would be nice if that is actually possible. Imagine all the joy such a Dual Specialist Skill can offer!

just burn it to death maybe shield and bide would be more annoying


Bide hs would be worse imo


You just ruined their surprise in response to the venture article, guess they’ll have to add bide to the weapon


Okay but what if it’s bide on the Character Weapon?

I’d use a bleed team

What if the character has anti bleed mods?

lol double zack and maim it to death


Okay. Bleed Mod, Bide on Weapon, and Maim Resist Mod?
Teammate who recover from all penalties with 56 AP Rush and Weapon that has a better Chance to gain +100% AP while attacking?

lol cant resisit everything so just control it

New Skill that is like human Shield but immune against all penalties and the enemies won’t get any AP or whatsoever and will be always disarmed?

Everyone should have doc Steve to beat it lol


And weapon with great chanses to couse 2500 burn damage when atacked

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You mean 5000

Well whatever the toon is… I’ll introduce them to Amber

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