Scopely on crack



That must be a bug lol


someone is bound to buy it, lol. meanwhile at scopes hq…



Mine is better but they will never see a penny from me again <3


Even better


Even 20 for $100 is a rip off, 20 cans at 200 coin each is $50, 1/2 of that


But u get 6 world refills has 200


I really worry about this game sometimes.
And seeing shit like this just brings it all back up.

How can the people who set this up think this is a offer…that any sane person would actually think about.

How can we expect Scopley to get things right when they can’t even do there offers correctly.

0 Roadmap, no Ascension toons for months apart from Premier, (I don’t normally moan about rewards…but the position rewards are stupid, Level Up after Level Up with no improvement of the economy at all, I’m not even sure Scav missions are still working right.

Then the balancing issues that should have been altered ages ago…but these are just my opinions but multiple Stun, Impair, Absolute Weapons shouldn’t be allowed in 1 team and multiple of the same characters should have been stopped years ago.


absolutly right :ok_hand:t3: Why would anyone buy this? Like no food at all… 4 * token (Prestige)… some 4* gear (elite)… wood omfg we all need more to stock in our maxed towns… Benes we should get easier and more often… and 6 world cans we can buy in thr supply shop quite cheap and the thing we actually want…


Fuck all this garbage



This is ours.

Isn’t even working properly.


I keep seeing this in the forums, but its not true.

There are TONS of offers for trainers, gear, and food all the time.

If you don’t think that isn’t $copleys way of ‘improving the economy’, then you are being delusional…


Not too long ago, some of the ‘offers’ were actually deals.

Back when the ‘offer’ was an added benefit. A few months back there was a $10 offer I went for that was literally $10 worth of coins (same as buying coins at normal price) and a benny.

THAT is what an offer should be.

I didn’t really want or need that $10 in coins, but I figured I would at some point, so I bought out that offer.

These offers with silly valuation of their digital products are insane.

If you REALLY want a laugh, do this math.

They value a emery board at 650 coins in their ‘item’ store.

Go in your inventory and see how many you have from breaking items down in the armory.
I currently have 2,541 in my inventory.

2,541 x 650 = 1,651,650 coins worth.

Using even the ‘generous’ discount on big $100 packs, that would be 1,651,650 / 8.250 = 200.2

So according to $copley, I am sitting on $20,020 worth of emory boards in inventory… honestly. /boggle


I have these 2 offer at the same time…

Its a joke?


I tried sending a ticket into support checking to see if it was an effort.

I got the " thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the offers" response which i think is verbatim what they said last time.


Seems there is a world can worth 20 usd