Scopely offering different packages


I got the $29.99 offer and other in my faction got the $99.99 offer. I would have gladly paid to get the extra coins. Why didn’t I get the same offer

Not dedicated enough??

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Tbh, and this is just a theory… are you more inclined to buy the 29.99 packs? My guess is based on your spending habits and what you normally would purchase. However, I agree… I also have the 29.99 offer and if I was gonna spend for a $99.99 that would have been the offer to possibly entice me. Albeit this is an off pay week for me so it’s just going to sit there lol… Hope to see at least the $29.99 again :joy:

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Scopely give the man super offer, he has his stripper money ready just to throw away at ya full speed.

It’s kinda weird because it has now popped up twice today for the $99 one.

It’s based on players’ dedication

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Pretty sure you’re right and it’s based on the players spending habits.

Well…i got the best offer… cuz scopely loves canada…

Trust me it’s not the first time I see this, I got the same offer this morning. Am I allowed to call that out as a lie?

the 100 dollar offer is pretty nice. the most bonus coins ive seen in a while, if not ever!

It’s only one time you can purchase it for the day. Looks like the wording needs worked on.

Am I right @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Reply hazy try again

The banhammer strikes @peyloW

A fellow Canadian! I was so tempted by that offer.

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I opted to not buy it also… as u can see from my screenshot i have 2k coins still… shhh dont tell anyone in paulding :p… saven em for war

Prestige ranking decides the offer quantity. Basically the more likely you are to spend a bunch the more they want to extract.

If i was inclined to spend… according to the current canadian prices… its not a bad deal

But since i have coins rn… maybe next time. I had 4k coins and that lasted me so far last 3 weeks.

Nope. I got the 100 dollar offer and I don’t spend ever. Never did a 10 or 40 pull and I never will. Waste of money.

I got the 100$ but I decline not gonna get coins ever again I’m a f2p now scopely push me there after crashing my entire 5* roster a few months ago