Scopely offer AGAIN

Once again Scopely intentionally mislead us.
Scopely have 0 understanding for what the word “Free” means.
This was a pop-up I got when signing in, and to claim this “Free” offer I need to PAY with MONEY to claim.
This is NOT Free by any stretch of the imagination. This is FALSE MARKETING CLICK BAIT to promote subs in a dirty slutty way.
This has to stop. This happens way too much nowadays.


It’s survivors club. You need it to claim the free gift (which is the thing you need to pay for)

Lol it’s a SC Offer! You not haveto pay for this. If you are SC Member it’s for free. Nothing to complain here :man_facepalming:t4:


After you pay for sc its free only £24.00 simple then its all free rolling my eyes now.

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<----- Anniversary is the SC Symbol. The golden Fist. So it’s totaly clear for everyone that’s a SC Free gift. Cuz there nothing to complain. He/She just has to open the Eyes and took a Look before shout out loud :man_shrugging:t4:

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Click bait, 27€ VS 9€ Playstation online, go figure

The fist represents what they do to its players by shoving it where the sun dont shine lol


I think its important to point out all these wee offers, like link did about offers only given to some regions. But if this is in fact for sc bonus why not just mark it that way and also let players who mite potentially buy it that this is part of it. Dont slap free on something hoping someone buys by accident by pressing a button.

tfw your contradicting your selfs.

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Well, but it’s annoying it’s been popping up every time i go into my town and i literally never had a sc membership. Like if we didn’t had enough offers poking into our eye!

It’s the SC compensation for the issues with the Anniversary event that was detailed on the blog post. It’s been flagged to Scopely as non members should not be receiving the “offer”, it’s misleading if you don’t know what the intent of the offer is.


Its marketing. You see free, you click it, it tells you you need SC membership, you think wtf are they getting that I’m not, you check box contents & go.“omfg I need SC right now this second”. And that’s it, you will never see a free sc offer for a month now.

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Okay, if the want to provocate this Scenario. Then it rly messed up, but i don’t think so. The make enough Profit. And before you buy something you, you have to give in pw. If anybody who pay in online or mobile games. Set up their pw from Google or PayPal on Auto. Then that’s their fault. Nobody did this these days

Yes that’s right, just Marketing

My guess would be that once you buy SC the free offer would not be seen again. You’d contact support who’d tell you it was only for existing members who were affected by the issue.

But that just might be me being skeptical of Scopely 🤷😉


Its shady if you dont think its shady thats your right. Trust me people make mistakes and buy crap on this and other things all the time not meaning to. Lack of sleep and drunk to mention some of my faction mates have done.

consoles are a waste of money

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