Scopely not replying to emails?


I lost my account and they’re not replying lol


They’re not replying


Probably because there are thousands of other people who have sent messages and there are maybe 5 employees replying to all lol.


I hate to say it but even if they do reply it’ll be a cut and paste response , hopefully yours will be the exception :slight_smile:


I’ve always received fast responses within an hour though so, for them to take over a week it’s pretty sick lol



As a reminder it can take up to 24 hours to receive a response from support.
They should get back to you shortly :blush:


Qué pasó con la promoción de 350 fichas aniversario por un dólar?


It’s been a week sadly, and I’m missing out on the events :frowning:


I’m in the same boat. But it’s only been 2 days since their last reply for me.


I sent some info to support. Think they’ll help me?


Um. Thanks.


Do you have account code or a receipt that shows you spent money if not your pretty screwed


Lol instead of 5, can you guys at least hire 1 more?


It takes up to 30 hours to get any answer from support. I started my “conversation” on 14 sept.
Pigeon mail in 16th century was faster! This is unacceptable.


Just type: Anyone there? i need help

This sentence is like to abra kadabra


Yeah, dont do that! It seems they answer after 24h passed since last message!
But if you read few of the posts around here you will notice how many retarded posts there are… Maybe 50% oof them sent tickets with their “problems” (someone wants to hack me, i got duplicates from wheel, etc etc…). So I guess support is kinda oveloaded with them, thats the reason we got that huge delay!


You talking about this

Or this


Мне уже 5 дней не отвечают


Upto 24 hours? I’ve just waited 5 days lol


I’ve been waiting for 2.5 weeks now for survival road rewards that are “sitting in my inbox” to be fixed… haha.