Scopely Nerfing All 6*

The release of these new recruits=a nerf for all 6* who don’t have high total stats like the last 2 newly released 6*. This is just another way for Scopely to get to your money.

power creep.

By itself, nbd. In this game, it has always been managed by the next OP recruit.

I’m ok with power creep. The main issue I have with this game is balance.


If you want balance you have to pay for it. Every new promo makes the older ones useless. CRW only proves to everyone if you want to win more than you lose vs these new promo teams you have to buy the toons to do it.




Just wait and see those toon
Att 2700
Def 2000
HP 2500
Ar deal 3 attack of 300% damage to one enemy
Revive 2 teammates at 40% HP, all teammates gets focus for 3 turn

Leader skill
All teammates gets+30% att and a very large bonus to AP when attacking

Special skills
Collateral damage 2

Active skill
Stun 2 enemies for 1 turn , revive 1 at 30%hp

They do this every single crw it’s rediculious

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Yep they did it with blue michonne what a dick move

fake news, leader skill will be huge when attacking!

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