Scopely Needs To Release Damage Formula, Reasoning Not To Doesn't Make Sense

In the past, Scopely has stated a few times that they won’t disclose the damage formula because it’s “special”. I don’t understand what kind of disadvantage Scopely could possibly be at if another gaming company decided to use this formula. Also, what’s stopping someone from copying things like human shield, war, territories, etc.? I think it’s about time this got released already as there’s no real benefit to concealing it.


Congratulations Drip, you made a post I actually agree with.

At this point, I’m surprised with all of the people who play this game, we don’t have ANYBODY who has hacked the source code and found the damage formula. Other RPGs have players who do this regularly.

You could try your hand at math and figure it out yourself.

There’s plenty of reason to not publically disclose.

Give me a good reason why a company shouldn’t release a game’s damage formula.



Don’t feed the trolls!


Software algorithms etc are proprietary. There are pros and cons to all damage formulas and not disclosing prevents easy reproduction of it.

Same with every piece of proprietary information everywhere.

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What kind of reasoning is that? What are the cons of not releasing it? I can give you a couple of pros.

1.We’d know if something like indomitable or damage reduction isn’t working properly.

2.We could better determine whether or not to go all in on an enemy with adrenaline rushes.

Seems like you’re just against it to be against it.

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I feel like if you’re sitting there with pen and paper running the maths, you’ve probably taken the level of enjoyment out of the game.

Business reasons? Lol.

Yeah no one ever kept information proprietary for business reasons.

What value does keeping a damage formula secret have though :rofl:?

The less information the players have, the fewer informed decisions they can make when deciding how to optimize their teams. For example, do I need to pull for this guy who can do 700% damage if I already have a guy who can do 600%? Will the 700% really get me more important kills that my 600% guy can’t, to the point where it’s worth dropping the cash on 700% guy?

We are currently in the dark for making these kind of decisions, which is the way Scopely wants it.


Can’t you just figure out the damage calculation on most teams by trial and error? As you have stated a lot, all the teams are the same now. I already know what will happen in every scenario (with tower, of buff applies, if I have to clear guardian etc.).

No? It’s not as simple as 500 damage against 2000 defense=1500 damage taken. Unless Scopely releases it, it’s just a guessing game.

Are you trying to prove a point here or trolling?

You can. It’s bit a simple equation. I’m fairly certain there’s an exponent in there making it a lot of iterations needed to fully resolve.

The Pokémon video game franchise has also technically never released their damage algorithms, however that hasn’t stopped people from reverse engineering the calculations. So my point is that it’s probably not going to happen. We have a vague understanding and that’s all we are likely to get.

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Not trolling. Just saying it’s unnecssary. It doesn’t stop game play and most likely wouldn’t change much. As someone wrote, other games never release them as well.

I wasn’t replying to you but I already listed several pros above. Also, it really depends on the kind of game whether or not a damage formula needs to be released. A game that’s PvP/PvE heavy like this one should release it’s damage formula.

We don’t even have variables to work with.

Cocaine. :wink: