Scopely needs to hire some new artists!

Charlie’s face is absolutely botched. It looks like they took a panel from the comics that was a tiny shot of him and just coloured it in. He’s not been smoothed out well
Something about Regina’s face is really off to me. I can’t tell if its the fact that her head looks pasted on or what.


He’s a RTS Orgin Character. Therefore he’s not in the Comics

My point still stands.

There’s 1 person out there who noticed he had a passing resemblance to Charlie. He’s in tears now

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I wouldn’t worry. If you put him behind Solange with a shovel, you can’t even see his face. Like poor donny yesterday.

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image probably their inspiration for Charlie among others.



That’s freaking hilarious. :laughing:


The art was arguably one of the best parts of the game. Sadly to your point it has been steadily going downhill for quite some time now.

I mean just look at most of the launch 6-stars and compare the detail and badassery to what we get now. While it’s not all bad currently it tends to be bland, boring, and generic for the most part. It’s a shame.


He needs to look at least as epix as this guy…


Blue Abe was awesome! Most are garbage now

Couldn’t agree more. Except for the fact that quite some 5* and 4* look way better than certain 6*, it’s a thing that even some 3* look better, Emma as an Example.

Even If Charlie and Regina are defenitly one of the better designed New Toons there still, atleast Regina, Nothing New and the New Martinez Again truly looks like Shit in terms of his Design.


I’m just pissed that because of the absurdly low roster cap I had to get rid of all my 3 and 4-stars. A big part of the game is collecting and leveling toons so why they don’t allow this is a real punch in the gut.

I mean at least if they had a catalogue of all the toons so you could browse through them at any time and get a check next to the ones you acquired that would at least be something even with the lame roster cap.

Have ya’ll even seen Bryan? :laughing:

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I’ve always wondered why they haven’t had a museum collection for all toons with milestone rewards as you collect more of them

Nope. He’s from the comics – a member of the hunters.

Regina’s also from the comics.


Charlie looks like he’s either constipated or scared of being constipated :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I knew Regina, but forget about Charlie. Whyever he would get a 6* :joy:

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Both are horribley designed lol. Alot of toons of late look horrible.

Has anyone else spotted this possible inspiration for Regina?