Scopely needs to choke on its money

I’m curious where people stand more so from F2P. What’s your final straw before you quit the game. I keep saying I’m not going to but the more and more I play against P2P. really show scam play don’t care about people who’s been playing since the start just want that money. Feel I could be quitting myself in near future

Coasting till retirement and it is getting easier and easier everyday. With the collectible as rewards in yawnslaught it makes me have to play so I can get the necessary cones to further my progression to get priya. Gonna switch my focus to with laopo or Pete because some of us do not have Pete like the other lucky buckets out there that are tired of getting his keys.

Quit get a girlfriend date her for 4 months than get dumped by her and your right back with Scopely who loves you. Honestly scope keep throwing those great deals my way… Outright buying toons# show me your toons

Prob these platinum mods trash.Haven’t seen stun resist or anything cause I can’t seem to get on beta but if %100 fights will take ages just for an example.

Spending = the easy button
Some have worn it out

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It goes up to 85% now with platinum

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wait for the “super mega large chance to stun” weapons to go on sale

you can buy a chance at one for $40

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Lololol they are coming next. An epic bonus to ap when attacking. A great chance to stun the enemy for 3 turns. 40% attack. Etc.

I’ll never understand why they are obsessed with making attacking so hard. 85 percent? Obviously won’t be too many perfect ones but now I’ll expect 70-75 percent to be common. So dumb. Mia’s everywhere.