Scopely needs to actually play their own game before implementing changes

Whilst survival road daily is passable it irredeemably is not worth it in the long run.

Adding the taunt zombies that cant do headshots and taunts 2 turns means your whole team will be taunted within 2 turns if more than 1 walker in there

then you have the flame level, no ranged teams and they are hidden by the walls until the next move theyre on you giving you 1154 burn damage

Again, its passable but knowingly not having burn recover toons in yellow or green (that i can recall) it just means using mods, but you already have blocks on moving mods with cost values added

Stop putting blocks on your own game, its good to have a challenge but seriously work out the bugs, then work out cost management

we would like it to be a smooth run, not a hurdle race where the hurdles get higher and higher


I don’t mind the flame ones just got to get rid of them first but the taunt ones are a pain

yeah there are ways to do it but it mainly lands on luck

you can use a guardian 2 toon and hopefully on the first hit he/she guardians the ones that the bomb walker is heading towards, 2nd hit use the guardian again on a normal toon, you should hopefully get 4 toons guardian’d up to soak the blast.

its doable but its a stupid way of doing things

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completely agree

do we want to talk about the human stages?
William, Clementine, Nik, Princess, Cole with huge stats (more than and S-Class) killing you in 1-2 shots?

I’ve just run into another SR road block with an un-crit-able, un-stunnable walker who resulted in my entire team being wiped. This is no fun, using med kits to revive and being unable to complete levels without a load of luck and med kits is not fun at all. Scopely, sort this mess out, please!

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