Scopely need to show odds on collectabls

Did a big pull after having done a few tapjoys. This is the result.

I have not pulled anything since playersunite and have not spent a cent since then. This further solidifies that decision. A big pull and all i get is 150/6000 to get the toon. Not sure what you all think but as far as I am concerned this is a MASSIVE FU from Scopely.

Would 151 be more accurate?
Jokes a side. That the odds dont show for the collectables is wrong.

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There is no way to see how much Collectibles you can get per pull. Therefore the odds shown aren’t helpful or representing the “real odds”. This is just a dck move

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Don’t do pulls. Unless maybe you can do a 100 for the guaranteed toon, and want to invest that much. If it’s not guaranteed, it’s not guaranteed.

Its not a scam, your result probably falls within the expected odds. Not that it makes it any less shit.

My issue with what has happened to you is that you have spent a lot of in-game currency, which could have equated to a lot of money had you not got it from Tapjoy, and have zero improvement in your roster to show for it.


I’m not a fan of it but give it a few weeks and you will be able to pick him up fairly easy with velvet cakes and such when he is added to those collections. I have hate this because it ruined pulling for toons but half like it cause I can get the toons later on fairly cheap. They really need some older characters in velvet cakes collections to help out more people though, most of them are newer characters and being repeated.

I changed the topicname becouse i dont want it to be erased
They need to show the odds of collectabls.
You need to know what you buying.


Not really. I managed to save tapyjoy coins and did 100 pulls for Aarav. Got two of him and they are maxed and I’m sitting on less than 1,000 cards so still way off his S-Class version. And that was a month ago.

I admit, I did forgoe 1,100 cards to accelerate obtaining Priya but don’t assume most will be rolling in Red Velvet cakes or the toons to actually complete those collections

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I was in a hurry and originally thought that I’d only get 1 t shirt a time on the dr s wheel. So scopely is shooting themselves in the foot with the crappy presentation. They aren’t encouraging us to gamble if they don’t dangle how many t shirts we could be getting in one pull in front of us…

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