Scopely- Missing Fiery Blitz discussion thread?

Seems one hasn’t been created by Scopely.

Also can you make sure that it’s pinned for customer visibility.

I did a search for one but only thread referring to the blog came up

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger @Shawn.Scopely

This is the thread

Read the blog. It refers to discord only, so why bother with a forum thread…

This war seems good, 1 single tower, burn, if it manages to hit the trader, it will not last many turns, it will be very interesting.

Not really. I foresee a huge presence of Mercers in this war… Mercer clears all bleed and burn with his active…

There are few teams that contain traders with leader mercer, plus a mercer against mercer is tossing a coin to see who confuses who, usually 50/50, if someone is going to use a trader with leader mercer, just will make your mercer fall faster with an AR :grin:

I didn’t say Mercer leads. Just Mercers…

Personally, I never understood the affinity to go Mercer against Mercer. Multiplying idiotic RNG by some more idiotic RNG… Wish the game was more driven by skill and quick wits than by a virtual die roll :confused:

If mercer is not a leader, I don’t see a way to make the most of it, besides it would be easy to take him down with a load of arav or control him with the princess AS since it wouldn’t confuse you on the first turn :man_shrugging:

Not sure I like the thought of 1 single tower

Mercer stuns, Jacki confuses.

If there were no stun resist mods (such as trait arena) then yes Mercer on Mercer would cancel each other out ajd allow for T2 active skills, but then you are a one turn late, which is a big thing for arenas.

Anywhere else, stun resist comes into play and then it is a RNG shitfest

Does burn res mods work against tower?

If those traders have 50% or more burn resist mods attached then the tower won’t touch them right?

I would think so.

If you carry those types of mods, in that case they will be more vulnerable to the effects of stun, ridicule, obfuscation, etc. In addition there will be very few merchants who have such mods, at least I would not put it on.

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