Scopely messed it up again

So your great idea of warring regions one vs one is a total failure. Many factions including my own are not even warring because it’s a 1v1 point battle. Letting only the monster factions que for war so that it’s almost a guaranteed win for the region. And the plan becomes once your region gets ahead to completely stop warring so the other side can’t score any points. You failed this event, this game, and the community of players. I hope @JB.Scopely sees this and has some response to this epic fail.


If Scopely did not foresee this coming then they really are out of touch with their player base. Right from the start this ToC has been a complete joke

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He will take it to the team

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I wonder if none of their current staff has been around for the first CRW. It was exactly the same issue back then.

so why dont you stop being cowards and war properly


I like it…my faction is kicking butt now

They don’t care about anything other than how much people spent on their new S-Turd this weekend.

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So an entire region can literally just have the top faction war one time and win that round and move on???

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In a word yes, so better activity is a negative. It will get worse next round.

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