Scopely math I don’t understand

Diego 7 keys…so the same 400 whales spend 300 clams and scopely nets $120,000

Yet, if they offered Diego for a straight up $20, 10,000 people buy it and they make $200,000…plus, it might generate some interest among newer players to stay longer if they feel their team can be competitive.

I’m not sure why scopely is SO determined to keep giving people terrible odds of pulling good toons or rewarding good gear and keeping so many people from being able to field a competitive team. I feel like they would make way more money by offering affordable, $1, $5, $10 and $20 offers that actually gave people things they need and want than catering to the same base of 400 players (p.s. my guess of 400 whales that are willing to drop $300+ for a toon, is just that, a total guess)


This is one of the few balancing things that they’ve done right. If Diego is paywalled, despite the cost, having Diego priced at $20 will pad their bills, but destroy balance between F2P and P2P players. God knows that’s in a terrible state as it already is currently.

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Shhh :shushing_face:, you are on to something. We can’t have good ideas here.

if scopes made more affordable offers like the .99 cent wheels with good odds even the mosts die hard f2p players would crack and buy it. i know i did and i got a pretty good knox out of it.


You probably don’t understand it because you’re making assumptions about everything, whereas Scopely’s business is exactly these numbers with access to all data on it’s players and probably data from other companies as well.

Totally this.

I mean if they sold it for a straight up $0.50 and every single one of the +10m users who downloaded the game* bought it, they’d have over $5,000,000 but it doesn’t make any argument for them selling him for $0.50

*based on Google Play Store downloads

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at most. at least 5k to 6k players (This is an assumption as i have no data for this) are online at a time.

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Precisely. Neither does OP.

However, one party that does have the data is Scopley. And they are the ones who set the price of offers. So you’d have to assume they do it in a manner which maximises revenue already, and OP is just fabricating spurious maths to justify asking for cheap premier toons.

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There is no balance in this game and that’s intentional. Getting your butt whipped by the whales is supposed to be incentive to get you to spend and become one. If whales want to stay whaley they need to always spend to stay on top.

We know they have little to no concern for the f2p because let’s face it they don’t help pay the bills.

I think they could make even more money if they did start to sell most of the early to mid gen1 toons for $5 or $10 a pop. They could also offer the 6-star version for maybe another $5 or $10. These gen1’s don’t do much to bridge the gap but some early and mid ranged players could benefit. People also like to collect so there is that aspect to it as well (hint increase the roster cap to 1000). This would generate additional income and could possibly lead to gear some sales as well.

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What op thinks is that at least 100k players are on at a time and that all major whales continue to play this game. It is safe to assume that there are at least 1k to 2k constant returning players that dont log in to get their daily rewards based on the amount of region activity. This may sound like alot but this is pretty low considering chats are all but empty in leagues and sometimes crw is really slow… But again this is pure assumption and speculation. the game doesn’t have a massive causal audiance like it used to. Only players left are the whales, the hardcores dedicated to the game, and the f2p players who stuck through and through for the game. Oh and hackers who have nothing better to do with there lives. They are about as bad a 12 year old on tf2 hacking with an aimbot.

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Come on… this is only the second time diego has been made avaialble. They can sell him for 300 now which many players bought and in a month go with you model (never for 20) but maybe for 100 and a lot of players will buy him then. It’s just like a car. BMW could sell 3x as many at 1/3 the cost but it devalues the future products.


Scopely math = It doesn’t matter how bait/switch and overpriced some of our pixels are cause there’s always enough addicted morons going full mayweather at them.


Yeah but will those players thst buy it for $20 do so with every promo?

Answer is No.

They net more draining whales than going low cost high volume. They also create a large demand for having these toons by limiting their availability driving the need for the latest.

Sorry but they built their company based on this model.

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balance between F2P and P2P ?

What balance lol

Just because a company has “A” business model does not mean the a company has the best or most profitable business model.

Obviously, the business model for this company does not include fixing bugs or eliminating useless territories/roadmaps/gear/toons/weapons/stores or providing any customer service or listening to feedback from even their prized whales or thinking about anything in the long term. So, what would make you think that they have done any sort of advanced pricing analysis or predictive ROI?

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It would not surprise me in the least if their entire business model is: 1) add new toon that is stronger than the last toon 2) collect money

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Because nothing in this game is designed around being an optimal gaming experience for players at any level. Maybe they have real gamers on staff that help design toons and features but then it gets handed off to a different team to decide commercialization strategy.

The only thing that is clear is that monetary gain is the sole primary driver for any game play based decision.

ummmm…where in this game we have balance?

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