Scopely math hordes

Apparanetly 176 k is less than 175k by quite a bit.

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It’s a visual glitch. Look in your inbox. You will have gotten the milestone.

It’s the same brilliant code used to display your season tokens amount in your profile vs your league milestones amount. At least it’s consistently wrong in all parts of the game :roll_eyes:

The same thing happened to me, i have around 160k but the game says that i need some more (10k )

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One would think they would have fixed this by now. It’s embarrassing. :pancakes:

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Worse part for me is I actually fell asleep Saturday night doing hordes😂 phone in hand and couldn’t stay awake, woke up with only 10 min left and missed the 75k milestone by 1 or 2 attacks. Was so pissed lol

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