Scopely logic FAIL

So they give us never ending level ups and say “hey, you don’t have to score points in every one” but then they go and surprise us with one that has special collection items as the rewards. I made the 500k milestone in the unadvertised level up just before this weekend but would have saved most of those potential points if I had known the scheduled one just after the weekend was for these collection items. How can they not process the player frustration over this haphazard planning?


It’s not really a big deal… The collection will likely span many days and events. Aren’t you assuming a bit much right out the gate with little information?

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What assumptions? My premise is they say you can take events off and then put items of limited availability in them. 11th thru 100th offers less than 1/5th the top reward. When you have to place in multiple events every one counts.


You can take events off… the events that didn’t feature collection items…