Scopely Listened (Sorta)

So I forget who brought it up, but somebody asked to put camo Michonne in the offers section.

Well…here you go…




Yeah, that’s what I noticed too
Hopefully the player will his/her Michonne

me me me
I need it for a few museum collections
and camo mich rocks

I also want ericka bags for 99 cents, 100 percent chnahe of getting her…


They listened because they making money off of a useless toon. Thank god they threw in a bunch of trainers and some mods.


I want this toon! for mesuem and those pesky green only stun Walker legendary waves in sr tourney lolz

They did it with Carl too is Certain

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They do it when i stop $p.ending on this pos lol damn them!

Not even worth it tbh. She’s in the 5* wheel. But yeah there ya go whoever asked for it lol.

Everyone got gator free and he is a camo 6 star. They sold Carl and mirabelle for $5. This offer is poopy

I made a comment on that post and thought the exact same thing!!
ofc they listened when it comes to offers and cashing in :joy:

In the years ive been playing this game I still don’t have her and not buying her either unless they do it for 99 cents

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She’s in wheel but I have been playing since the beginning and just got her about a month ago. I had to buy Carl bc I couldn’t get him. Some toons elude some players even after years.

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Well since that worked maybe they will listen again? Can we get a guaranteed 6* shield Jesus offer? Lol :joy:


Yeah, it runs about $2400.00 when the excellently weighted “Fast” wheel comes back up

What would be the point of buying a 5 star :man_shrugging:

For Sr green only maps. Plus the 30+ trainers good mod etc

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I still use my camo Michonnes on SR, they are so useful!!

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It was me and I bought it.

She would make those legendary SR stages with fast walkers so much easier. Yes those that you can only bring greens.

Scopely could still give Knox a camo ability though, making my statement irrelevant.

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