Scopely LISTEN US! (Older Regions problem)

Hi everyone, i opened this post because there is a issue that many often of us have, that our regiones are turning older, and so much players are leaving our regions. So i need ALL of yours ideas to solve this issue, and i hope that scopely listen us and try to do something about it.
I saw something in facebook, they told : We’re looking into what we can do to help older regions! Re-opening them did not go as well as we had hoped.

We do not lose anything with trying and I would like to see all your opinions and ideas about it. I hope scopely listens to us, thanks…


I totally agree and can’t imagine that it’s not worth at least trying to merge older regions that need it.

Really hope something happens soon.


They should open the floodgates and let older region players move to other older regions with their rosters.

Not all immigrate to new regions though.

Would be a start


Combine them with other older dying regions? It could be a good option.


Unfortunately, Scopely is okay with older regions dying. They aren’t spending like they used to because they’ve been screwed over too many times. They are putting all of their efforts into new regions, with new whales because those folks haven’t been tainted by the scopley way enough yet to stop spending. The odds are better in newer regions for a reason, to keep them interested and to keep them spending, since so many of us veterans have stopped.

It would be cool to see an older region like mine merged with another, but I’d imagine merging an old region with another old region would probably double the bitterness and hate toward how scopely runs this game. I’m just sensing that much negativity in one region and it’s too intense to handle. :joy::joy:

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Uninstall app

Or make an ability to pay to transfer out of dead regions and join another… shrugs

With just the small inconvenience fee of $500 you can move your account to a region of your choosing!.. Sigh

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I wouldn’t go for that much… and also i wouldnt reccomend they allow us to go to new regions either… but say if there was anniversary dates for each region that opened u could go to one that was 3 months old and which still allows time for newer ones to build up b4 ppl move… just an idea

I like it but Scopely isn’t keen on good ideas.

Just start fresh and spend all over again (scopely response)

I think you posted to the wrong place, this is a thread about old regions. And needing a purchase as proof of ownership or it being linked via Facebook are the only ways to get your account back. It’s been like this for 3 or so months, there have been multiple posts just like yours. It’s due to people reselling accounts, apparently this stops resale.