Scopely listen to your player base, or suffer as blizzard just did


Dear Scopely. Go check out the big diablo FAILURE at blizzcon. Take in what happened closely and intently. No-body wanted what blizzard delivered (immortal mobile game). They asked for x and got total opposite. I’ve never seen a player base totally broken and disheartening. Scopely don’t do the same. Listen to us and we will follow for as long a we can and may even pay money to you.


They listen to an extent… and when they do it just takes a long ass time to do it.




The game is fine as it is.
It’s a phone game, meant to kill time.


Quit whining you have no power


Let’s see what sales are like for that Diablo game they all bashing. People like yo be negative jerks and then spend the money and play the piss out of it anyway even while still complaining. Welcome to online gaming


nope, we don’t have rights. I’ve been asking support about this for 10 days now, and they continue to give me the runaround. you’re pretty much fucked when you make actions on your account, even if it’s an accidental mistake. they will always bring out the “your responsible for what happens to your account” BS every single time.


Diablo sucked anyways.


I’ll have to look up the story.

Don’t understand the buzz Diablo getting.
Isn’t it a rerelease if the 3rd…?


Exactly, to kill time, not for us to kill ourselves to have a slightly chance to compete against those who spent


Let me just say it’s gotten soo bad, blizzard is deleting down votes in waves. Trying to hide the hate. I like diablo series, and I like this game (been playing 3 years). This is my mobile game and diablo series is my console game/pc game. We wanted a continuation of console:pc not mobile. I’m not as annoyed as many of the people at blizzcon. But I was not expecting this, it kind like wanting Orange juice and getting a biscuit. Not in the same arena at all. So I have decided to make this post to help Scopely not screw it up as bad as blizzard did. Learn from other mistakes


Hate to break it to you dude but…

Blizzard sells weed.

Scopely sells crack.

Scopely has already gotten away with way way more than Blizzard ever could.





Hate to break it to you dude but…

Blizzard sells weed.

Scopely sells crack.

Scopely has already gotten away with way way more than Blizzard ever could.

Touché sir!!! Well played


Blizzard lost me after frozen throne. Massive online crap is for the birds. I loved old school game with a story!


It’s amazing how now that the game is considered gambling with the loot boxes in many places, it’s okay for kids to play.
Not sure about your region but kids aren’t allowed in casinos without showing ID or just saying their parents said it was okay?

How many players under18 parent’s have actually given their blessing?


The parents are responsible for what their kids do. As a parent myself it disgusts me when everyone always expects everyone else to raise their kids.

And loot boxes are not considered gambling at least here in the US. There are several states that have tried to pass bills that say it is ‘gamble like in nature’ but none of those have passed.


Disgusts is a pretty extreme emotion to describe an environment where an X year old can wander into an establishment and start purchasing drinks/guns/cigarettes/piercing/etc, vote, rent a car/horse, enlist, etc without being asked for some proof of age?

As an intelligent person, you can see the merits and risks around the argument surrounding the loot box debate … combining: spending, competitive gaming, addiction, and particularly young ages being sensitive issues


Oh no!
No gambling, think of the kids!
Oh please, you guys are just pissed you spend and draw nothing good.
It’s not about the kids, and never has been.
Hate that awful argument.


Hate > disgust


Again it’s not classified as gambling that is just you calling it gambling which doesnt make it so at least here in the US where I am.

And again the parents need to have a share of that responsibility. It’s very easy to see what games are on your kids mobile devices and to check them out for yourself. But it’s even easier just to point your finger at everyone else to deflect responsibility.