Scopely Lies again NO Fac lvl up again solo


Why the Lies scopely @kalishane for 5 Times solo lvl up , you told Fac lvl up why kill this game with al your incompetent lies


Who would have thought they do such things.


It is writen on the calendar that the Events might Change.

We will get a 3 Days Faction Level Up Event, so u have a little bit more time to prepare for it :+1:


Like we didnt get enough time 5 solo lvl ups bunch of retards they are good in fck things up for there players


I think that scopely miscalculated a littlt bit (much more then little bit) with the Points for the Level Ups for 6* Toons. We don´t own everyone Scopely and don´t have the Gear for it :sweat_smile:


They make you think we’ll have a faction lvl up, next thing you know theyll change it to solo lvl up two days before the event :sob::sob::sob:


Stay Positive and optimistic :smiley:

Also too if u are tilted to a maximum :slight_smile:


This happened like last time they offered fac lv up on weekend.

Expecting Friday to change as well to Fac SR or something


It’s more then likely due to the zero energy road map event and people stock piling resources.

They did this sort of thing in the past when they knew players where stock piling the events changes so that help deplete the reserves before resuming normal schedule programming.


I appreciate the effort of kalishane putting up the calendar. While I might be disappointed that the event changed. At least it changed early enough to change plans. And we all knew that events can change. I for one prefer the calandar. Even if it changes occasionally. It has been way more right than wrong.

Bashing the calander could lead to the decision not to post. No calander we complain. Have a calandar that might change and we complain.

I am more disappointed with the rewards. I prefered an ascendable 6* in milestones as opposed to gear.


Not too big of a lie. Like say claiming to never have 6* toons in pull wheels.


Wouldn’t call this a lie…they said events could change, and they even updated the calendar with plenty of notice. That’s a step in the right direction at least


I´m not sure if it is really the right Step.

If they change the Event, why don´t they tell us the reason? Would love to hear it… and wouldn´t kil them


Communicating change IS the right step, whether they give a reason or not. Didn’t say it was a big step…


Not sayin it was false, but it wasnt really good either imo :confused:


Yea but imagine how much worse this topic would be tomorrow if they did it without notice! Lol


Threads like this one are why they didn’t have a calendar in the past. Shit changes. Deal with it


It’s not a lie. Things change no big deal.

We should stop whining about minor issues like change in the calendar when there are like real issues such as

  • ridiculous tournament prizes (downgrade of prizes after them messing up)
  • endless war q for top factions
  • ygl still not showing up
  • …


2 million milestone have to stop


I’m fine with the numerical value of 2Mil, but putting 1 piece of 6* gear instead of a 5* is not my cup of tea.