Scopely lied again! - What the

I’m getting too old and too tired for this shit


Thought u quit


No u 7 characters

Let’s be real.

I really wanted to believe they would make a more F2P aspect, but never expected it, nor actually believed in it, just wanted to.

No, after reading that a couple of months ago, I knew it was bullcrap, I mean…
5* Era = They Milked with new and more brutal ARs.
5* + Armoury Era = 5* With OP ARs, and unique weapons attached.
6* Era = Revives + Shields
6* Gen 2 = Stats and a lot of AP gain.
S-Class First Months = P2P Collectables.

Now we are in the new age… P2P S-Class directly.
Give or take a month from now, and see the new OP 5* Weapons P2P.

It’s they MO, and yeah… Keep on surviving…


Everything they say is fluid, and we know they won’t be able to stick to their statements more than maybe a few days or week in the future. They’ve got bad memories, so it seems every few weeks they just wipe the slate clean and make a new set of rules that fits the next money grab they have coming up.


Go away furry


I don’t even know Aeris, nor really care, and he can do whatever he wants with the game and his life, but man, the important thing is that the post clearly has evidence and it’s on point with the current shitty state of the game.

Scopely says A, does Z.
Scopely promises B, does Y.
Scopely announces C, does X.

This post just reflects that IMO, and it’s not a statement about some guy who wants attention or whatever.

If it where for me, everybody could insert a cucumber up their A-holes that I couldn’t care less, but the game and the company making the game, should stop trying to insert said cucumber up OUR asses for once and stop saying something and doing something else.


■■■■■■■ nailed it Bruh :+1:

Lmao they forgot to add the part that said you can get direct S-Class characters from spending.

Yes, this is a clear and unnecessary violation of their own statements.

They could have just made the stash give out 10000 Sheila cards and have her in the Museum for a week to follow at least the letter of that post, if not the spirit. They didn’t even do the minimum effort of trying to hoodwink us.

Also, this would be the first limited-time Sclass that is neither a free choice, nor F2P grindable. I would like to see this addressed officially. @GR.Scopely take this to the team please: If we can’t trust you to keep these things consistent for even a few months, what else can we not trust?


Keep pushing guys and they will remove the stash. Just a little more.



Yep. Doesn’t have the same force if it’s not straight from the horse’s mouth though.

Yeah… No, we’re not idiots, just pissed off people.
It’s a game and they got the right to do whatever the fuck they want, and they will because they don’t care about anything but money and keep on earning it.

It’s either they stale the game for over a year, or they nuke it down with too much that they can’t even handle it.

But lately, they just showed how much they don’t care about people/players/humans, and they just care about green papers in their wallets or black numbers in their bank accounts.

Fixed it for you.

They lie all the time like daiyu and wangfa offers. I wouldnt be surprised if they dont go back and edit this s class post too.

ah cmon…whole things a joke…is that realy an sclass

Everyone including scammers knows it doesn’t count if you have your fingers crossed

Scopely lies? What? Noooooo… Never!


I mean, duh.