Scopely - Letter to our players. Forgotten?


I feel like with everything going on, all of these are unfulfilled promises.


Letter to our players found:


It wasn’t forgotten, it was just a load of bullshit that they thought we’d like to hear.


I think that many that participated the first time probably haven’t started spending again anyway, and that most that actually cared enough about it the first place have just decided to give up on the game all together.


Two more player levels to go, and I get my life back. Currently at player level 123. Too bad I’ll probably never get to test out Dwight’s six star, unless I level his 5* up without waiting for level up. Feels refreshing, and I can’t wait to finally go back on my gaming console, and get life responsibilities done. Had it with this game, lack of fun content, and rewards not fighting for. Game will probably end if Ajit Pia gets his way to take the internet away and dictate it anyways. Been a fun ride :joy:


Before the letter we the player base werent just complaining on this little forum. Word got out facebook, tweeter and so on. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ went viral so the people who run scopley got a redfaced in the gaming world ive said it before this forum is only here to keep use quiet!!!


Scopely is just stupid to put it bluntly… I complained for a year and a half after one of the 2x character promos about how if I spend a hundred dollars on a mobile game I should get atleast 1 5*… It took them way too long to add a top pull gets a guaranteed 5* and now I have no interest in big pulls. Little features users have requested like long touch to sell weapons and weapon locks would have improved the game experience alot for users, especially those of us that lost weapons via long touch to disassemble weapons. Instead they spend time finding other ways to break shit and don’t care about user experience.

Damn near all of my bug reports I send to Scopely support include ways they could fix the issue such as the ways they could have properly managed weapons so it would be easy to sale items and we wouldn’t have needed the 1,000 weapon limit we’re now stuck with due to poor planning.

For awhile there the rewards actually got better again and I even broke down and started buying the 30 day coins again… Now you all can’t even figure out proper rewards again and started doing insane milestones when the main reason I do events is for the milestones because the actual rewards are crap. If anyone needs an example look at the current cross region rewards, Bruce sucked even before 6*s came out. But in the end Scopely doesn’t care if the game is fun, playable, or even looks like it was well programmed… Thankfully they saved me time trying that Wheel of Fortune game, I thought it could be a fun puzzle game to kill time until I saw Scopely made it and didn’t think about trying it again.


According to Kalishane, it was before her time. 'Nuff said.


I forgot to add Scopely knows how to rub salt into their spender’s wounds. Instead of releasing old 5 stars to be ascendable they keep creating new ones requiring people to spend… A better way to have done this is release a new old 5 stars ascendable character during the current events like level ups and raid events so those of us playing for 2+ years don’t feel like those 2+ years were wasted time and money. Than every 2 weeks or so during wars run a promo for a brand new 5 stars/6 stars. We’d have been happier with rewards and could use our already leveled 5 stars we worked hard 2+ years for again. At the current rate to be competitive we’ll blow through our gear to make the limited 6 stars we can now and will be bitching about gear when you finally make a 6 star version of Gator that bites his own teammates (really you should make Gator the first old 5 star ascendable for a 6 star shield to make us long time players not feel as stupid for keeping his worthless ass).

You might not get as big of a cash rush as new 5 stars/6 stars weekly but you’d keep more users happier and willing to stick around. Would you rather getting lots of money sooner or keep more players around to get more money over a period of time?

There really is so many shortsighted money grabs in this game it’s hilarious and I even tried to explain to Scopely support that if say the 100k scav mission was in there 24/7 with say a 24 hour cool down timer -1 hour per prestige level (ex prestige 11 players have a 13 hour cool down timer) that it would get more buys/money than those horrible offer pop ups that get in the way while users are playing. Hell I’d coin it out of level up events just to finish off my 5 stars that were above T4L60.


Maybe @Dash could remind Albert Wei that we haven’t forgotten, the letter was posted July 12th and it’s been a daily slap in the face since.

The appeasement worked that week, but July was 5 months ago and his first bullet point was this gem “A monthly update from the RTS General Manager - spelling out what we’re working on, feedback we’re hearing from the community, and answering open questions from the blogs and community channels.”


She was hired to distract you while scopes comes up from behind and pickpockets your wallet.