Scopely laziness exposed


This is either a really big coincedense or a really obvious copy :thinking:


Dwight was already mentioned to be a future legacy ascendable… and a player made his own character dossier of Dwight. Sigh.


Yeah I know but. I’m on bout the title lol


5 maim damage? Lol game changer :joy:


His rush will prob be the same or upgraded which of it is then hell. Be decent there isn’t really much atk down but I don’t think hell keep his lead skill
However if it is maim dmg then em questions bout if they actually rembwred to make him will. Be raised


So you’re either implying Scopely is lazy for copying the player’s wishes and making an ascendables Dwight, or that they are lazy for not using a player’s made up dossier. Either way, both are stupid.


Or I’m saying there lazy fir copying a title


zzz crap no cross bow another dwight with out hes bow not waste my time got two of other dwights most likely are better anyway


If the title came out of nowhere, you’d have a point. But “something to fear” is the title of one of the comic issues where Dwight is featured.


I like him we are wearing the same weird pants


Arnt you the same person who put revive another by 5 hp in another thread? We get you like the number and we get scopely likes to screw over f2p but no ones gonna have 5 hp, 5 maim, 5 burn, 5 bleed, 5 anything, sorry



So what exactly did u expose?




Dwight looks like shit.


The new dwight Stats are out. The picture above is fake news.

Atk: 1964
Def: 1421
Hp: 1492

Current AR=
Volley of Torment
Level: 10/10
Recharge Rate: 66AP(fast)
Dea 425% damage to a line of enemies. Those enemies get -70% Attack and 75% Heal reduction for three turns

Active Skill=
Level: 8/8
Cooldown: 2 Turn(s)
Number of uses: 5
Stun one enemy for 2 turns.

Leader skill=
All ranged teammates get 40% Attack and 40% Hp

It is basically the blue nerfed Maribelle.
It suprised me how overpowered his AR seemed to be. Had to double check this because it is impossible for Scopely to give such an amazing AR toon for free.


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