Scopely is that not a lack of respect for your players?

here in brazil you pay 154 reais equivalent to 28.73 US dollar and with that you get 10 tugs on the steering wheel to receive 10 characters 4 stars this is a huge lack of respect with the pocket of many players

That is the exchange rate in this company has no way to change the rate of exchange between US dollars and real. That is your governments deal.

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Nothing to do with respect, if people go for these money milking pseudo gambling offers then it’s their fault. That’s capitalism. No one is forced to spend real money.

Remember this thread: Minium Salary For a Pack? As a company you cannot do anything because of another country‘s currency exchange rate.


What has exchange rate to do with the fact that you get to pull 10x on a wheel and get all 4*? Read the full complaint…

Well… Seems to be Google/Apple at fault here, really. Other stores allow sellers to set different prices by region, because having one price for all really does not make a lot of sense, especially for digital goods. I think steam does (or at least used to do) this, and of course you’d face penalties for faking a different location with a VPN.

tugs on the steering wheel?


Or it could have been a little bit of both. I mean he did mention the price and all.

At the same time, it cost us in the United States $1.20 more to get enough for a ten pull. And yes, that same Doug there is always a chance to get four stars. We all know, we all expected, and we all keep playing the game.

TUG not Doug*


Unfortunately the odd don’t change just bcs it’s a different currency buying the same product, scop is dishonest in all the languages, in all the continents, in every single currency you have this app…and no big deal, it’s just part of the game experience.
Now maybe,just maybe bcs we all still in middle of a "pandemic " and people still struggling with their issues, scop is bombarding us with all kinds of stuff for sell, every time pop ups right in your face; buy ,buy,buy and buy a lil more…oh my mind!!!
If that’s not a lack of respect, it’s at least a lack of sensitivity for this hard times, so take it easy scop if people really have money they wouldn’t be spending here anyways.

ain’t scopley fault here actuly its Google’s fault.

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You didn’t understand my thinking! what I mean is that you pay absurd for coins and in the end collect only 4 star characters

what I mean is that you pay a lot for coins and don’t have the expected result with them

what has to do is that here in Brazil if you are not a call boy or a drug dealer 240 reias is a lot of money brother

Well, in case it wasn’t clear, my post refered to the fact that your complaint was based on the 10x 4* pull as totally shitty reward, regardless of the money spent…

Seems everyone read your complaint as bitching about a horrendous exchange rate - even you yourself had to clarify your real gripe later

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