Scopely is stealing from Star Wars!

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May the force be wit… I mean, keep surviving :smile:

Let’s see those stormtrooper pulls here, RIP to everyones credit cards :credit_card:


whales food !!! yummy !!!

Not the first and probably not the last to get inspiration from.

They finally made a human shield.

(Marlon and rosie strong still haven’t been touched up yet)

Whilst I don’t disagree in the sw influence, this is actually a decent lift straight out the comic book and not a scopely fudge job


Looks more like modern samurai than storm trooper anyway.

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it’s a comic book character so no.

Some characters that have been ripped from media have looked pretty good lately. Minerva looks pretty damn close to her final appearance to

  1. Robert Kirkman (the creator) is stealing from Starwars
  2. star wars was stolen from Dune
  3. Dune(& most sci-fi from the last 40yrs) was stolen from Jodorowskys Dune

Let see is scopely will steal some idea from Capcom next like resident evil or maybe Dino crisis or something else… :joy::joy::joy:

That’s not till next year :joy:
I have a feeling next year they’ll do an “official” release of 7 Star toons and then we’ll get the whole, “We’re excited to announce a new Class of Toons” spiel and boom, 7 Star Zombie Dino’s :rofl: :rofl:

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Boomer Class

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Seven stars will be impossible to level up. We’re still using a 5* food supply economy. Please dear god no. It’s hellish enough to level 6* and torturous to level S class.


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