Scopely is really trying hard to piss us


Another solo level up after war. Wow…


Well I can’t level up anymore toons because I used them all in last solo level up. :tired_face:


“Games aren’t supposed to make you unhappy”-Gigaboss


Well, whoever Gigaboss is, they’re right. Games aren’t supposed to make you unhappy. It’s not necessarily the games fault, but rather the devs fault for the type of content they release to players. Depending on how valuable the content, will spark the communities likes or dislikes about the game. Just like the situation with this game. It isn’t the games fault for being the way it is, it’s the devs who thinks putting out ridiculous content and events will grab their fanbases attention which it doesn’t, so yea, Gigaboss is right. :smile:


Oh Gigaboss came in promising to change everything from communication to the game’s playability and then he disappeared without a sound lol.


Do they really shut up shop for the weekends…what company do this anymore…


It was faction level up, now solo, with faction next weekend. Which means that the solo is going to be horribad because everyone will sandbag for the weekend, but good for those that have more time on weekends…


Well, it’s good Scopely told us before we committed resources.

On the other hand, WTF? Is there a problem with FLU? Why do they keep changing it? I can only assume we’ll have a SLU next week-end.