Scopely is now selling the Museum Collection Item

And people thought this was a great and awesome event? Oh my, how people never learn.
£7.99 for 2000 5* and Elite, 400 Walker and 400 collection items.
Looks like no F2P is going to be claiming even Jeremiah. This is an entirely new low from $copely. Who thought they could drop any lower after the farce that was the entire Victory and Winter events :’£


F2P can just get top 50 every level-up for the duration of the event and easily obtain Jeremiah. Gotta put in a small amount of effort but it’s a simple task.

We have another 26 odd days of this event left, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of chance for F2P to nab a few toons.

I’m F2P and won top1 in the very first level up :3

PS. Had tons of trainers and tons of toons at G4 lv1 (still have tons of them to win at least 2 more level ups.)

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Noice! :+1:

The F2P can keep the medals so that they expire and buy the eric in supplies if they do not have it.


It’s not like the Eric is a character you have to pay for. He’s very free, obtain him in depot or acending 4* blue characters.

Collection items won’t become depot points only tokens

Only Eugene agrees with that statement.

What if you are free to play and already have him, what will is free to play players do then?

Are you sure, from what source did you get it?

People are so silly “All you have to do is finish top 50?” There will only be 8 level ups in the collection unless they give the medals for faction level ups and really, who’s expecting that? So you have to finish top 50 everyone of the 8 just for Jeremiah. And it’s not an easy task. My region had 100 players with over 2 million. Not easy for f2p players to consistently hit. And let’s say they hit 7 out of the 8… and are stuck with 7500 medals. Then what? Wake up.

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#warprizes…no other events running so good chance for that…would that not be a good prize!!

Then you go for one of the others…

Maybe for you…I often can hit 2 mil every levelup using only 5* T3 and T4. It’s called preparation. I placed in the 40s for 2.2 mil on my region. If you’re on a highly competitive and high scoring region, well that’s your choice isn’t it.

Then you buy the rest for failing.

I find posts like these over exadurated like ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE to get a toon if you’re f2p

Nothing is free in a game you need to work hard for it

Yeah because some people cough @Rickygrimes cough just feel deserving of free shit and can’t handle competition to get it. There’s a major difference between being “f2p” as to being “shit” at this game. Dude has every excuse/complaint under the sun. I’ll be throwing up an “I’m f2p and got yvette, eric or Jeremiah” poll as soon as the event ends. Ricky stated it’s impossible for f2p to obtain any of these by necklaces and we are gonna eat our words. His quotes will be at the top. So we’ll see won’t we?

You don’t know anything about me. I’m well into p12. Just because your an f2p that might be in a high faction doesn’t mean all f2p are. This is the problem with this company and player base. It is not easy for an f2p player in a faction outside of top 5 to consistently put up 2 million for 8 level ups in a row. They don’t have the five stars or six stars to do it. And then your admission of “then buy the rest” is dumb because obviously they are f2p and don’t want to spend money. Oh and by the way… this is all for Jeremiah… we’re not even talking about Eric. This event is garbage. A lot of players will have wasted rewards because they won’t be able to get enough medals.

But because YOU can do it doesn’t make it easy. And I would love to see at the end of this event you show me your medals for Eric :wink:

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