Scopely is killing the game

They killing the game on purpose by releasing op toons. They know what theyre doing. I guess they got a bad rep from this game and want to start fresh. i get that feeling especially towards the “endgame”.

Been the “end game” or “killing the game” for over 2 years now lol.


I remember a post on the old forums about how this game would be dead in 2017, it’ll never die with Whales around.


they doing slowly so ppl dont sue them. it would look suspicous

they killing the ftp community so it counts as murder


and they would want to kill their own game on purpose because?

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F2P have had a few nice revives made available and a chance to pull some awesome toons from the winter wheel, I know 2 purely f2p players in my faction that pulled disarm Michonne.

to start a new game perhaps.

Killing… ?
Moreso, overly-aggressively monetizing at the expense of anyone who doesn’t want to agressively spend.

It’d be smart business strategy except their speed is not sustainable.
Not sure what happens when 70% of the player base sees it what it is and stops spending/playing?

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They have two other games already,

And this can’t be done without large expense from the claimants as their TOS is pretty air tight. They reserve all rights and even state that they own ALL CONTENT even if paid for

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Hmmm, I don’t think you can sue over a mobile game not giving you what you want . If you get left behind in the meta, that sucks but not all can be winners.

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The TOS is never seen(except on a random webpage), revisions are made without notification, they deal with global law vaguely, and the only reason they arent classified as a casino is because “pixels dont have value” despite their marketing material stating otherwise.

Even a bird law judge would laugh at that.


How is it rarely seen?
The vagueness of it puts the effort on the plaintiff to prove things.

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What makes a terms of service agreement unenforceable?

“A legitimate terms of service agreement is legally binding between the parties who agree to it. However, there are a few things that can make terms of service agreements unenforceable. One of the most common unenforceable terms is the unilateral amendment provision, which gives a company the right to change its agreement however it wants, whenever it wants, with or without notifying its customers.”



You understand that our Service is a developing and evolving one. Scopely may require that you accept updates to our Service. While Scopely will make all reasonable efforts to inform you of any such updates, you acknowledge and agree that Scopely may update our Service, with or without informing or otherwise notifying you. You may need to update third party software from time to time in order to receive our Service and/or play our games.

game is dying. lack of desing in new toons. making new meta. lack of balance. they are clearly trying to milk that cow to the limits.


Ok? I don’t get what you are saying.

legally, you need to see the rules to be able to expected to comply. cool? (parking signs, sales orders, etc)

because scopely doesnt actively make you agree to the rules (or changes) courts tend to ignore those legal contracts between you and them.

Agreements that are too vague (particularly across various country legal systems) or (notably here) open to change without consent tend to be unenforceable.


can you make a tos saying you cant take legal action against them and get away with BS?


Because scopes is a wild card. :smirk:

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