Scopely is hiding new regions, No more new regions


When the update came Scopely opened up 2 new regions Fairfield and idk the other one but they are locked down players in these 2 regions can’t start in another region bc obviously due to the new update so players can’t transfer to newly opened regions… but what if I want to start on a new region? Unless if you start a new account. Is anyone even concerned about this?


good. this prevents region hoppers from going there and immediately taking over like they do for every new one that opens


What if I want to start off? Are you getting this?


I think Plagueis is referring to the heavy spenders that leave to join new regions to take over before noobs get a chance to just play the game from the start. I say this because every time a new region starts, some heavy spenders, including the coin loading/hacking players, take off to a new region and rack up on easily earned event prizes and rob the region of a peaceful and more natural progression.


I already have my coins on my p10 account


thank you @walker_ninja


been wondering about this as well, i would like to start over from scratch again in a new region just for the heck of it but cant seem to find one.


I was able to, some time ago. There were several people over Prestige 8 in the first few days of the server existing, they dominated the top faction with their Tier 3 legendaries conjured up out of… let’s say thin air. The first level up? Top guy had 1 million points and the region was barely 3 days old. Sound fair to you? Though I’m surprised, Scopes usually does things that involve a lot of spending, and people invading new regions would set off a heckuvalotta just that.