Scopely is cooking the books with population

Read quickly my friends as I will most likely get a ban from here or even in game.
Scopely is cooking the books when it comes to region population. Back in January both pike and wheeler had about 500 players, and at times considered low population. Today our regions have about 450-460 and are now considered medium population, this is about a 10% in people. Scopely is redefining what the populations of a region are in order to avoid scaring the remaining people to jump ship.
Believe what you know, not what Scopely tells us.

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That’s would be a cool conspiracy, if it wasn’t for the fact that no one cares.


Insert “If you dont care you wouldnt comment”


I dont care but i like to comment anyways.

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Has Scopely ever disclosed what metrics are used to determine low/medium/high designations? (To my knowledge, they haven’t)

Why do you assume it’s based entirely on number of accounts participating in tournaments? Could it also be based on logins per day, hours spent in game per day, energy spent per day, league trophies earned per day, or any combination of metrics, including some I haven’t mentioned here?

Is it a possibility that the designation is relative to other regions as well? So, the top 10% are always designated ‘high’, bottom 10% always ‘low’, and so if overall game activity goes down they will still always designate some regions as high and some as low? If that’s what they’re doing, then it’s true that a region could have less activity over time but still go from low to medium because their activity didn’t drop as quickly as other regions’ activity.


Dougherty got bumped up to medium activity the other week. Went back to low almost as quickly.

Maybe it is how many ppl out of the population play?

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I don’t really know, but I see the change. Yes the metrics could change as people move out. But still the fact remains people in regions are getting smaller, not by lots by smaller. So maybe it is a sliding scale. Who’s to know

Could also be the actual number of accounts in the region. So retired accounts would count towards it.

Im sure they are aware of when an account was last logged in.

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It’s clearly logged by the log in streak. They also was able to go back and prorate the login days when prestige came out…proving its tracked and stored, they know the activity of regions. How transfers effect this regions activity might be another metric, i.e. Out transfers vs in coming.

Agreeing with Lucai.

i mean i dont know if anyone else is doing it but i cycle through as many regions as i can in a day outside of tournaments to due SC free pulls to see what i can get and if anyone else is doing the same im sure that might affect things

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